The photographic skills of the world renowned Canadian Professional Photographic and Publisher of more than 90 books, Sherman Hines are well known through out the world. He is recognized for his play on light, his love for the unusual and his breathtaking photographs. The hunting skills of Ken du Plessis, who has been hunting in Africa from a tender age and who is the foremost Hunting Outfitter in South Africa at the moment, is equally well known and they have combined to create a formidable team of an experienced artist and an experienced hunter. The results of their work may be found in the book BIG GAME HUNTING IN SOUTH AFRICA.

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This book is a wonderful photographic book dealing with hunting in South Africa and it will take pride of place in any trophy room or den. Apart from an overview of all the animals in South Africa, you will also get a concise picture of hunting with Ken du Plessis of FAUNAFRIKA.

There is general information for the Hunter - from the A of Airlines to the W of Water, which will allay the concerns of the new-to-Africa hunter. Items such as Car Rental, four wheel drive vehicle hire, Game Reserves and the South African Tourist Board details give the would-be tourist a guide to enjoyable and organized touring around Africa.

Included is essential and basic information regarding trophy sizes and distribution, proper bullet placement, photography, taxidermy and the tracking of game. It is not just a chronicle of the trophies of others, but the image of a hunter living the dream of hunting Afr

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HUNTING  GUIDE  TO  SOUTHERN  AFRICA -  This tremendous reference work has been produced in CD Rom format. You will be able to research:              ($ 18-00 plus shipping)


  • The history of Hunting, legislation, associations and authorities
  • Tracking, ballistis, shot placement, skinning, climate and trophies
  • Distribution, identification,spoor/track and habitat on 38 game speices
  • Comprehensive details on FAUNAFRIKA - Africa's premier Outfitter
  • Information on safari and hunting equipment and suppliers.
  • Printable text, E-Mail facililties and direct useful Web Links
  • Many hours of pleasurable research.


Gateway to a wildlife heritage. Explore this exciting and interactive program with practical and educational information for all hunters and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.




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